completely unperfect

I sat at the horse barn untangling my string.

I kept pulling and working to get all the knots out. I spent minutes upon minutes tugging and exerting my energy in order for there to be no more knots.

Once I successfully removed all the knots, I would tie up the string so that it looked all nice and ready to be used.

Sometimes I would come across an impossible knot that ended up in shreds in the dirt under my feet because I just couldn’t get it. I would pull so hard that it ended up falling apart.

This is sometimes how we treat life. We want all of the areas of our life to be untangled and free of knots and tied in a pretty bow. We want all the right colors to be placed together so that it’s pleasing to the eye.

We want to work out all the knots in our life so that we can present it perfectly. Sometimes we even work so hard to get a knot out that we don’t realize that right now it’s actually not the best thing to do.

We don’t want people to see our messes, our insecurities, our failures.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t how we should treat our lives.

Life isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t come in little boxes neatly wrapped and tied with a bow. Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes life is unscattered and completely unperfect.

Sometimes we don’t need to worry about getting all the knots out because in reality, sometimes people need to see our knots. Sometimes life calls for vulnerability.

Sometimes our messes can turn into someone else’s encouragement to keep going. They will never be able to be comforted, however, if we don’t have the willingness to be open. Like Paul says, we are comforted “so that we may be able to comfort” those around us (see 2 Corinthians 1:4).

When we expose our knots, another human soul has the opportunity to experience this same freedom. 

Embrace the imperfections of life.
Embrace the messes and the knots.
Embrace the crazy colors.
It’s these colors and knots that make life truly beautiful.
It’s these vulnerabilities that allow for freedom.
Embrace the grace that envelops every moment.


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